mandate and name

Here is the mission statement. the “mandate” can be seen specifically in the first sentence, while organizational/tactical stuff can be seen followed


_______ is a coalition mandated to redistribute power equally to all those affected by the decision-making processes at Concordia University.
We seek to empower all members of the community (students, staff, administration, faculty, and the general public) by demanding/establishing/upholding transparency, accountability, and consultation in these processes.
We operate in a consensus-based, non-hierarchical, and oppression-free manner, welcoming all who strive for change.


after MUCH discussion we have provided two possible names, scrapping CAC

– People’s Campus Coalition

– Action For Empowerment

– Beard Allowance Coalition (we got your BAC)

these will both be formally decided up at friday’s meeting (6pm, 7th floor of hall building)

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One Response to mandate and name

  1. gonzonieto says:

    Personally, I like ‘People’s Campus Coalition’ better.

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