Public Assembly on the Corporatization of Concordia – October 28th

A Call To Action For All Concerned Members

Of the Concordia Community

In December, Concordia’s decade long exclusivity contract with Pepsi Co. will come to an end. The details of this contract, which directly ties student money, choice and power to a Corporate bottom-line, have never been made public and are currently being re-negotiated behind closed doors without student consultation or consent.

This period of time signals a unique opportunity for the Concordia community to re-asses if these systems of Corporate funding at Concordia are truly beneficial or respectful of those who are forced to live with the repercussions of them.

We believe they are not.

This is hereby an open invitation to all concerned members of the Concordia Community
to have your voice heard at the
Public Assembly On Corporatization of Concordia
This Thursday, October 28th
@ QPIRG concordia (1500 Maisonneuve)
in order to go to the assembly as a group, we will meet
@ 5:30 in the Lobby of the Hall building
and travel to the assembly together.

(Otherwise meet at QPIRG)

We believe any negotiations regarding corporate funding welcomed into Concordia should

-be based on student consultation and consent

-be transparent, both during and after negotiation periods

– never be based on exclusivity rights or quotas that remove the right to choice or the right to similar services from free sources

– based first and foremost on the well-being of the community and NOT a corporate bottom line

We must come together and open discussion around these issues in order to mobilize in unison, against “corporatization” and towards student power and control.

it’s time that control over the university shift back into the hands of those who live within it

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